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Brief Introduction

Suryodaya Municipality, with it’s name being the Nepali translation of “ Rising Sun “ formed in 2013, with the  merge of village Development Councils of Fikkal, Panchakanya and Kanyam. After, the constitution of Nepal promulgated in 2015, more village development councils had been merged including Gorkhey, Pasupatinagar, Sriantu , Samalbung , Laxmipur and Jogmai Word no. 8 and 9 and has resulted in the increase of its area span, with now, it’s size being 252.52 sq.km. It is located centre part of Ilam district. Darjeeling west bangle is in east, Ilam municipality in South, Rong Village council in North and Mai Municipality in Northwest. it has three transit points with India including Pasupaitinagar, Chhabise and Manebhanjang. 

 Geographically it lies in the hill region which is mostly known as Mahabharat range with natural scenery and pleasent weather.  

Populated with fifty-seven thousand people, it has fourteen words and more than forty-two thousand voters, and a very high literacy rate. The Municipality’s head office is located in Fikkal Bazaar, on whose outskirt is the famous tourist destination of India, Darjeeling. Thus, the Municipality has a very good trade relation with the place, since the most vital and famous agriculture destination of East Nepal. It is famous for agriculture products like Potato, Milk, Cardamon, Chayote, Ginger, Broom Gress, Round Chillies. 

Suryodaya Municipality has grate possibility for the tourism.